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We have worked with NWPB over the past year on several diverse projects. The output is always excellent, and exactly as requested, including special fiber requests, some on very short notice. Completion dates are always met, and are often sooner than quoted.
What I appreciate most, however, is the meticulous recordkeeping that accompanies our various projects. I am certain our inventory is well managed at NWPB. When there is a question, they ask instead of assuming. This is a priceless behavior in a business partner.”
— Pat Bendull-Gill, 
Inventory Analyst
Image3D has been using Northwest Paper Box’s services for over a decade. They supply us with both our stock and specialty boxes. Due to our great relationship, we have recently also switched our packaging boxes to be supplied by Northwest as well. Northwest Paper Box is always there for us for standard orders and even in times when we ask them to fulfill tight deadlines. They have a great attention to detail, which we greatly appreciate. In fact, on a recent order of a specialty box, Northwest Paper Box gave us a heads up on an error on our part before proceeding with completing our order. This instance saved Image3D extra costs and time and went way beyond their duties. We enjoy our relationship with Northwest Paper Box and look forward to using their services as we grow.
— Ramona Welle, Image3D
Northwest Paper Box has been a great asset to Setina Manufacturing as we continue to grow our organization. They provide the highest quality corrugated products with just in time delivery and competitive pricing. NWPB has an excellent team and they provide an outstanding service when managing our inventory.
— Ian Parkison, Purchasing Agent, Setina Manufacturing
When I found myself in the position of ordering packaging for Mad River Brewery I felt somewhat overwhelmed with the all of the new responsibilities. However the team at Northwest Paper has helped guide me through every step of the process. NWPB has always been reliable and prompt with their orders. The Northwest Paper team is by far one of the easiest and nicest of the vendors I’ve encountered. I look forward to continuing our relationship far into the future.
— Sean McSmith, Mad River Brewing
Northwest Paper Box is a great partner from design through execution. They have good design people who are willing to work with us as teammates rather than as a vendor to a customer.”
— Chip Chipman, Purchasing Manager, Premier Press
Our relationship with Northwest Paper Box is truly a partnership. We’re both customers of each other and, as partners, work very hard to exceed the expectations of our clients in terms of service, quality and cost. It’s a valuable relationship that we plan to continue.”
— Tom Shaw, VP of Manufacturing, Bonita Pioneer
We have worked with NWPB on many different projects over the years. Recently we came to them with a very open-ended requested. We had a vague idea of what our customers were looking for but not a clue how to build it with corrugate at a realistic cost. Through our partnership with NWPB we were able to identify reasonable parameters for the project and truly build a display vehicle from the ground up. The service level from NWPB is excellent and I look forward to our continued partnership!
— Kelly McCann, Associate Brand Manager , Pacific Foods of Oregon
We are a co-pack manufacturer, and Northwest Paper Box gives us an opportunity to offer special packaging to our customers without having all that capability in-house. If someone comes in with a special request, we can turn around and go to Northwest Paper Box. They allow us to do what we’re good at and concentrate on our core business. “One of our early projects with Northwest Paper Box was our own product, Crater Lake Soda. We had an opportunity to do a specialty multi-pack with a grocer. Northwest Paper Box brought in 3 to 4 different options for how to achieve that 12-pack with three bottles each of four flavors. It gave us the chance to get into that grocer with a pallet program. “There are other packaging manufacturers that offer similar capabilities, but the attention we’ve gotten from Northwest Paper Box and their commitment to do a job right make them special. We look to them first.”
— Frank Heuschkel, General Manager, Yoshida Foods International
Northwest Paper Box is an excellent company and business partner. They have provided business solutions to the Seametrics manufacturing process in form of box engineering for our new and existing water flow meter and sensor product lines, boxes, packaging material, material handling equipment, and floor layout and usage engineering to assistance to meet our business needs. The NWPB team is very responsive to our needs and make sure we receive our product on time and with no quality issues at a reasonable price.
— John Kaiser, VP of Operations, Seametrics
We were impressed with the Northwest Paper Box account team’s flexibility, willingness to accommodate crazy schedules, ability to work under super-tight timelines and make changes on the fly, all while keeping the communications lines open.
— Todd Jezierski, Project Manager, Cinco Design
From day one, Northwest Paper Box has provided outstanding service throughout the duration of our projects. Their attentiveness to detail, full involvement in the process, and overall passion for the industry, is a testament to the improved packaging results they are able to provide. One of our barstools needed a refresh in product packaging with high material and labor cost. With their in house design team, we were able to bounce ideas right on the spot making for an efficient collaboration process. In the end, they were able to decrease the overall packaging time by over 60% and decrease the amount of materials by 25% which lead to considerable cost savings! If an issue ever arose, and we all know with the nature of the businesses something always does, they are always available and on top of the game making it their mission to provide us with a solution as quick as possible. Northwest Paper Box has proved to be a wonderful partner for us and we’re more than happy to have them as our extended family.
— Papp Sinteppadon, Winsome Trading
We’ve worked with Northwest Paper Box for more than three years, and they’ve been consistently wonderful to work with. We regularly order packing supplies and custom boxes from them. We worked closely with Northwest Paper Box to develop custom packaging for a difficult-to-package product, and their solution was not only practical and functional—but beautiful, too. We regularly get complements on our good-looking custom packaging!
— Matt Richards, Ekko Mobiles
High Quality , Professional , Fast , Accurate! The NWPB team is great to work with as they are so customer focused. They are a locally owned family business and they make you feel like part of the family. I highly recommend NW paper box and will continue to go to them as a key supplier. They go the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied.
— Cory Connors, Landsberg Portland
A huge thank you to Northwest Paper Box for letting us store all these thousands of frozen items on their property in Swan Island, and providing logistical help, as our two freezers would hold about 10% of what we’re receiving!
— Kyle Camberg - Sunshine Division